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May 22 2016

New update from Dusek Child Care Center!

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The newest update can be read here!

Term I report 2016 Term I report 2016 (2)

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Dec 04 2015

A new progress report for year end 2015

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Please check out the latest End of year Report 2015 from Dusek Child Care Centre!

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Aug 28 2015

Term Two (2015) Report from Dusek Child Care Centre!

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Check out this term’s progress report from Dusek Child Care here!:

Term II 2015 report

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May 25 2015

A new classroom block!

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Construction is nearing completion on the newest classroom block (thanks to a very generous donation).  This will be a double-sized classroom that can be used for larger assemblies and can also be temporarily split in two for two classrooms.

We would love to erect another classroom block (2 classrooms) this year.  All donations will help make this happen, but anyone who chooses to donate $3000 or more will have the opportunity to post a sign with the classroom being in honor or memory of a person of the donor’s choosing.

IMG_0785 IMG_0788 IMG_0790 IMG_0800 IMG_0814 IMG_0816 IMG_0819 IMG_0821 IMG_0825 IMG_0862

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Mar 05 2015

2015 Trip Report to Dusek Child Care Centre in Ibanda Village

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Please read the trip report for our recent visit to Dusek Child Care Centre!

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Jan 03 2015

Construction on a new classroom block!

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Thanks to all of the amazing supporters, Dusek Child Care Centre broke ground on a new classroom block for two new classrooms.  The classroom block should be ready by the start of the 2015 school year.  We were also able to purchase desks for the classroom block, so the students will be ready to start their year with everything they need. Thank you so much for all the support!


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Dec 14 2014

2014 Year End Report from Dusek Child Care Centre

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Please read DCCC’s year end report.

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Feb 24 2013

Bujengwe Graduates on to Secondary School!

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The first Bujengwe Primary School graduates have just started the new school year as secondary students. Some of these graduates have been supported through their generous sponsors. Thank you to the sponsors as well as to all those who have supported and continue to support the work of EAC. We wish the students well on this new adventure. Congratulations and best of luck to them all!

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Sep 01 2011

The students at Bujengwe perform!

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Check out the Children at Bujengwe Performing!

Great video of the kids singing and dancing

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Jul 06 2011

Post-Trip Report

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July 6, 2011


Dear EAC Supporters:


As you may recall, I just returned from two weeks in Uganda where I visited Bujengwe Community Nursery and Primary School (Bujengwe School) and Dusek Child Care Center (Dusek Center). I’d like to share with you what I learned while I was there. Also, be sure to visit the image gallery on or our Facebook page. The photos say more about the children and the schools than I can put into words.


Bujengwe School is about a 40-minute drive from Bwindi, which is near the Impenetrable Forest, home to the mountain gorillas (if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend visiting the gorillas—there is something very special about seeing them up close and in person). The school currently has 246 students, 11 teachers, a director, and uses 3 classroom blocks. Though the general area has benefited enormously from tourism, Bujengwe School is more remotely located and does not receive nearly as many donations as other schools in the area, which makes EAC’s support all the more vital.


Ugandan primary schools typically offer grades through Primary 7 (the equivalent of 7th Grade), and this year Bujengwe School added a Primary 6 class with Primary 7 in the works for next year. Thanks to donations from EAC supporters, the school recently completed the roof of the new classroom block that will house the school director’s office and two new classrooms, one of which, though it still needs some work, will hopefully be ready for the Primary 7 class before the next school year begins in early 2012.


Currently, EAC supporters are sponsoring five needy children at the school, covering tuition and uniform costs. Supporters also donated books, clothes, and shoes, which I brought with me to distribute to the students. Thanks to our supporters, many children who had no shoes at all now do; indeed, every child in the Primary 6 class now has a pair. Such a seemingly small gesture has immense consequences, as many diseases can be prevented simply by wearing shoes. The neediest children also received clothing donations, which they were quite excited to receive. Photos of the children trying on shoes and showing off their new clothes have been (and will continue to be) posted on the website and Facebook page. We also received a wonderful supply of books and school supplies that will make a big difference to the school.


While Bujengwe School has achieved significant gains with the help of EAC supporters, the work continues. The goals for the near term include finishing a nearly complete classroom block, finding more sponsors for needy children, funding additional training for teachers, bringing volunteer teachers from the US to work with the school’s teachers for 1-2 weeks, and increasing the nutritional value of the school meals. If any teachers, dieticians, or nutritionists are interested in either of the latter two projects, please contact EAC ( for more details.


Dusek Child Care Center (Dusek Center), approximately a 4-5 hour drive from Bujengwe School, opened at the beginning of 2011 with a Nursery 1, Nursery 2 (the equivalent of kindergarten), and Primary 1. Thirty-five students were expected to enroll, but enrollment currently stands at 165, and the school has had to turn away others, asking their parents to bring them back to try again next year. I was lucky enough to visit homes near both schools, and although both areas are rural and the people extremely needy, the area near Dusek Center appears even more impoverished. Fewer families have goats or chickens, food does not grow as plentifully, and the costs at the market are higher. Moreover, Dusek Center does not benefit from tourism nearly as much as Bujengwe School. But though the challenges are great and classes are currently being held in temporary structures made of loosely constructed timber, the school is being built on a solid foundation of excellent teachers and strong community support.


Dusek Center plans to add an additional class each year to accommodate the children progressing to the next level. Our next major project is building a classroom block for Dusek Center. This will be a substantial undertaking and, with prices of goods skyrocketing in Uganda, will unfortunately continue to rise in cost. We expect that a good quality classroom block will cost approximately $30,000; however, we are exploring as many options as possible to bring this cost down.


Both schools have children that need to be sponsored. If you are interested, it costs $185 for one year—this will pay for the student’s school tuition and uniform. When making your donation, simply note (in the comments box on paypal or on your check) that you would like to sponsor a child, and we will select a needy child for you (you can specify gender and/or approximate age if you like). You will be given a photo of the child, and many children choose to write letters to their sponsors (they will be scanned and e-mailed to you).


Of course, other donations are still needed to provide, for example, infrastructure improvements and teacher salaries. No matter how large or small, you can be confident that your donation is going to the schools. No one from EAC receives any compensation for their work, and all administrative expenses are covered by donations expressly for that purpose. In addition, an EAC volunteer in Uganda routinely visits the schools to ensure that donations are being received and properly utilized. You can donate online at If you prefer to send a check, please send it to:


Educating Africa’s Children

2633 N. Wilton Ave, #1

Chicago, IL  60614


Thank you for your invaluable support; EAC could not do this work without you. Most of all, the children say thank you—Webale!!


Warm wishes,

Robin Dusek


P.S. – For those of you who are interested in more detail about my trip, please feel free to email me at or at  Or, if you know a group that might be interested in hearing about education in rural Uganda or related topics, please also feel free to contact me.  I am always happy to share my experiences.



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