Educating Africa's Children

How To Get Involved


All donations are welcome, large or small. Because Educating Africa’s Children is committed to maximizing all donations, board members are donating all operating costs.  Therefore, 100% of outside donations will go directly to the schools supported by Educating Africa’s Children.

To make a donation, please use the donation button to the left.  If you prefer to send a check, please send it to:

Educating Africa’s Children, 2633 N Wilton Ave, Unit 1, Chicago, IL  60614, 773-991-2812.

Costs for building and maintaining a school include:

Cost Amount
Yearly school fees, including lunch, per child $185
Millet Porridge for children (1 month) $190
School uniform per child $35
Yearly scholastic materials per child $20
Teacher’s salary (1 month) $65
Teacher’s salary (1 term) $195
Teacher’s salary (1 year) $585
Firewood (1 month) $90
Teacher training (1 semester) $335
1 new classroom $10,000
Cabinet for headteacher’s office $100
Table for headteacher’s office $100
Office chair $20
Textbook storage unit $120
1 new pit latrine $3,600
1 truckload of sand $100
1 bag of cement $20
1 piece of timber for roofing $2
1 sheet of iron for roofing $8.40
1 kg of nails $3.25
Cook’s salary (1 month) $50
1 kg sugar for tea $1.50
50 kg maize flour for porridge $40

Educating Africa’s Children also collects used laptops and cameras.  If you are interested in making this type of donation, please contact us.

Sponsoring a Child

Sponsoring a child is $185 per year.  This will cover the child’s tuition as well as a uniform and bag.  Your child will be given your name and some children choose to write their sponsors.  Although we hope that sponsors will consider continuing their sponsorship from year to year, this is certainly not necessary.  If you would like to sponsor a child, please use the “donation” button and make a note in the paypal comments that your donation is intended to be a sponsorship.  If you have a preference of age, gender, or school, please note that as well.  We select children for sponsorship based on need and you will be provided with the background of your child.

Other ways to help:

We have a few fun ways to help Educating Africa’s Children.  All profits of go directly to Educating Africa’s Children.  In addition, Educating Africa’s Children is part of the Amazon Smile program ( ) and is also a affiliated with Just Love Coffee Roasters ( ). With each, Educating Africa’s Children receives a small percentage of all sales.