Educating Africa's Children

Our Story

Robin Dusek, President and Executive Director of Educating Africa’s Children, traveled to Uganda and Rwanda in September 2008. While there, she met a teacher who was working as a tour guide to save money to build a school in his home region. Robin was disturbed to learn that young children in the area had no opportunity to attend even primary school unless they could find lodging near the closest school approximately 50 kilometers away. Robin also visited a school that had opened recently to address a similar problem in a different region. The teachers that started the school were struggling to keep it open so that local children could access at least a basic education.

When she returned to the United States, Robin decided that she wanted to actively help these two schools (and eventually others) obtain the financial support needed to stay operational. Children throughout most of the world have access to a basic education, and the children in such forgotten parts of Africa deserve no less. Robin was fortunate to find support for her vision from family and friends who both encouraged her efforts and became actively engaged in making Educating Africa’s Children a reality. With their assistance, Educating Africa’s Children was founded in June 2009.